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Meet our Makers: Jessica from Cruickshank Farms Presents Hand Painted Roses

One of our top 5 values is COMMUNITY and part of our mission is to support independent small business owners who are passionate about their craft. You'll find the beautiful flowers hand painted by Jessica of Cruikshank Farms in our gift box collection. 

Shop Gift Boxes with wooden flowers made by Cruikshank Farms.

Transcript (edited for clarity):

Amanda: So, obviously I know a little bit about your products but a lot of people at home don't. I know that you did not get started with with flowers. So where did you get started?

Jessica: I started back in 2016. I was getting headaches from wax melts that I was buying at the big box stores. And I found out I was allergic to paraffin. So I did some research and found that sweet wax is a more natural alternative wax. So I started with making wax smells, and that led to candles and kind of started getting into home decor pieces. And with flowers just kind of came along right with it.

Amanda: I mean, they're beautiful. So they're included in a fair amount of our gift boxes at the office we listed it says wood flower in there and they come directly from Jessica which is awesome.

We're currently working with you with wood flowers. Are you thinking about expanding your line at all or are there any new products that you're thinking about doing because you know we're always shopping for new stuff.

Jessica: Oh yeah. I actually recently have started making more custom labeled wax melts. So that's always something I work with my wholesalers with. And I'm I also am on Etsy like you guys are, so I'm doing more gift related things like Mother's Day gifts best mom ever happy new years and that kind of thing.

You know when COVID happened? I came out with my COVID line. I had some friends helped me with some names. Social distancing cactus was definitely our most popular. It's the Baja cactus blossom, which is really really nice and everybody likes it. So we burned a lot of candles here because at some point even we get tired of smelling coffee.

Amanda: Your wax melts and candles came from you being allergic to it. So a lot of what you do I assume is more natural products even with the wood flowers, I mean, wood in and of itself pretty natural.

Jessica: Yeah, everything kind of just flows together and the wood flowers definitely fit the natural vibe. And what's so nice is it can be so versatile, like little pumpkins and so, and with you guys doing the red and the pink roses, and I do succulents too I don't think I have any up at the shop right now but I do these little painted succulents which is always really popular with everybody. That's fantastic. Speaking of your shop, so we're I know you guys had just recently moved so if they are local where can we find you? We are in Gomer which is just north of Lima.

We're about four minutes north of the Lima Menards so not too far away. We're on the historic Lincoln Highway. We're in the same building as Uncle Al's pizza.

Amanda: Where else can we find you? Because obviously we want to you know, get as many people to see these new products as we can.

Jessica: Yeah, so obviously you can find some of my things through you guys with the gift boxes. I'm also on Etsy and I have my website purchasing I actually do a lot of wooden flower weddings. I just wrapped up my last 2022 wedding yesterday so that got picked up today. You can do wedding inquiries at my wood I am so sorry. I know we're almost out of time, but I have to know how do you do? How do you do a wooden flower wedding? Oh, it's a lot of practice over the years. This is my fifth year doing weddings. So it's fun. It's a lot of fun. Yes, it's great. I'm also I'm sorry, as I'm watching all of your links are popping up at the bottom and I think we're probably gonna drop those in the chat as well. At some point maybe not right now because technology.

Amanda: Do you have any parting words for us; any words of wisdom anything like that?

Jessica: Don't drink the cat poop coffee (kopi coffee)


Amanda: Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Have a great day. 

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