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Connecting people through expertly crafted coffee, food, and unique gifts.

Making relationships primary in business worldwide.



As we help others connect with each other, we emphasize healthy relationships and work-life balance. We recognize that everyone is created in the image of God with inherent dignity and value and treat each other with respect.


We believe that we are stewards of this earth and have the responsibility to take care of it. We look for sustainable products and processes that do not harm our environment.


In our efforts to serve and support the community, we partner with our stakeholders – customers, investors, employees, suppliers, and local institutions to provide goods and services.


We are honest and transparent in all areas of business. We acknowledge mistakes and make them right. We make ethical decisions.


We create products and services that are innovative. We foster an environment of creativity by trying new ideas, celebrating successes, and viewing failures as learning experiences. We continually seek new ways to serve our customers.

Because coffee is more than a drink, it's an experience...

We are a community-oriented gourmet coffee house and bakery, serving premium coffee and made-from-scratch baked goods. We ship our coffee and gourmet gift boxes across the country.

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For additional information, you may contact us at: 
     Address: 220 W. Market Street, Lima, Ohio 45801
     Phone: 419-330-5630
     Email: info@meetingplaceonmarket.com

Our History

About KaffeeScape® coffee:

KaffeeScape® is our own brand of gourmet Arabica coffee, gathered from premium coffee farms around the world. We source from a variety of different roasters, and give priority to fair trade/fairly traded and organic farms, as well as roasters who work directly with the farmers to enhance the quality of the coffee beans.