How-To Coffee Tips & Tricks

How-to Brew

Tips & Tricks to make the best coffee from our own baristas

How to Brew Delicious Coffee... every time. 

Starts with the right coffee bean: The Best Coffee is Made From Grade A Arabica Beans.

- Choose coffee made from Grade A Arabica beans.
- Choose coffee that has been recently roasted. This is the most important element – coffee tastes the best within one month after roasting.
- Smell the coffee beans – a strong smell indicates fresh beans.Invest in a coffee grinder and buy whole beans.
- Grind your coffee immediately before brewing. Once the coffee is ground, the flavor dissipates more quickly. We highly recommend investing in a burr grinder.
- When buying decaffeinated coffees, look for coffees that have been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process.

How to Make Coffee:

1. Begin with freshly roasted coffee beans.

2. Grind the beans right before brewing.

3. Use filtered water.

4. Use approximately 1 rounded tablespoon of coffee per 8 oz. of water, to your taste.

Brew, and serve!

How to Brew Using A Pour-Over

1. Heat 16 oz. of water in kettle to boiling. Once boiling, let it sit

2. Measure 0.80 oz. coffee beans (approx. 1 rounded Tbsp. per 4 oz). Adjust the amount of coffee to your taste as you experiment with a pour-over

3. Grind into a pour-over filter (a slightly finer grind is better)

4. Put filter with coffee into pour over and set atop mug.

5. Once the hot water has started boiling, remove from heat for a few seconds until bubbles stop. Slowly pour hot water from kettle, starting the middle and circling around to soak coffee grounds. Do not stir or disturb grounds. Pause as the coffee grounds "bloom" (expand) before pouring in more hot water.

6. When mug is full, the pour-over is ready to enjoy.

How to Brew Using A French Press

1. Heat water in kettle to boiling (measure water to match volume of French Press)

2. Measure 1 oz. of coffee beans per 16 oz. of water.

3. Grind coffee for a drip or French Press setting.

4. Put coffee in French Press

5.Add some hot water to coffee grounds and allow it to soak 1 minute.

6. Add remaining water, stir, then cover with lid. Steep for 3 minutes.

7. Slowly press lid to bottom and pour.

How to Brew Espresso Using A Moka Pot

1. Fill the bottom reservoir of a Moka Pot, keeping the water below the pressure release valve.

2. Place the funnel piece into the opening of the reservoir.

3.Fill the top part of the funnel with finely ground espresso beans.
Lightly pack the coffee when filled.

4.Screw the top portion of the pot onto the bottom.

5. Place the pot on the stove-top and turn up the heat to high.

6. In a few moments, the water and steam will force its way up through the coffee into the top portion of the pot.

7. Once the espresso stops flowing into the top portion, remove from heat.

8. Pour into your favorite espresso cup and enjoy. If desired, top with steamed and/or frothed milk.

How to Brew Cold Brew

Cold Brew is not the same as iced coffee. Brewing the coffee using a "cold brew" method creates a richer, smoother and less acidic coffee that the traditional coffees brewed quickly with hot water. 

We recommend using a 1 to 4 ration when brewing your cold brew. For example, 1 cup of coffee grounds to 4 cups of water. 

1. Freshly grind your coffee into a coarse grind. The same grind you would use for a French Press. If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, you can stop by the coffee shop and ask the barista to grind your coffee at the time of purchase.
Again, be sure to request a coarse grind. 

2. Pour coffee grounds into container of choice. You could use a pitcher, mason jar or whatever you have at home that can be covered and placed into the refrigerator. 

3. Pour cold or room temperature water over the coffee grounds. 

4. Cover container with lid, plastic wrap or similar. 

5. Place in the refrigerator and let it brew for 12-24 hours. Personal preference varies as to where that "sweet spot" is for the perfect brew time. The type of coffee bean also could vary results. Feel free to play with it and try a few different amounts of time. 

6. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy! 

Feel free to customize your cold brew.
- pour it over ice. Make coffee ice cubes to prevent any diluting of your coffee. 
-  add a cinnamon stick into your cold brew pitcher. 
- add your favorite creamer or milk
- add some maple syrup into the brew for a natural sweetness and unique flavor

How to Brew Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is often made in a Turkish coffee pot made of copper or brass, called a cezve. But you can also make with a small sauce pan at home. 

Turkish coffee uses the finest of grinds possible, almost like flour. You can ask your barista to grind it into a "Turkish grind" for you. 

Often times sugar can be added, according to taste. But authentic Turkish coffees don't usually use any type of milk or cream in them. (of course, you can break the rules if you choose.)

Turkish coffee is known for the foam that is created during the brewing process and served on top, as well as it's dark, bold flavor.

What you will need: 
1 1/2 cup of cold, filtered water
1 heaping tbsp of finely ground coffee
Sugar - as desired
Small saucepan or a cezve

1. Combine water, coffee grounds and sugar (if desired) in pot. 

2. Stir gently and briefly until combined and place on stovetop.

3. Using medium heat, slowly bring to a boil. Watch closely. 

4. A dark foam will build up as the coffee warms. Just before coming to a boil, use a teaspoon to transfer some of the foam into your cup. Return to stovetop.

5. Once coffee reaches a boil, remove from heat and pour half of coffee over the foam, into the cup.

6. Return coffee to the warm stove and boil coffee for an additional 15-20 seconds before pouring the remaining coffee into your cup. 

7. Enjoy! It is customary to enjoy your Turkish coffee with a cup of water, to cleanse the palate, and a sweet Turkish delight. 

How to Froth Milk

With a sauce pan:

1. Fill a medium-sized sauce pan with cold (whole, 2% or skim) milk, about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Make sure to leave room for the foam.

 2. Put the pot on a burner, with low heat. If using an electric stove, heat the element before putting the pot on.

3. Start whisking the milk. Whisk faster as the milk heats up, but do NOT let it boil. That will change the flavour of the milk.

4. Once you have enough foam, leave on burner until desired temperature is reached.

5. Add to your favorite coffee drinks, and enjoy.

With a frothing pitcher, such as TuttoCrema:

1. Fill the pitcher with cold (whole, 2% or skim) milk, about 1/4 to 1/3 full

2. Set on a burner, with medium heat.

3. Begin to froth the milk by pulling the wand to the frothing sieve up and down.

4. Once enough froth has been created, leave on the burner until the milk is heated to the desired temperature.

See how our baristas do it!