Famous Visitors to The Meeting Place on Market

We've had our share of famous visitors to our humble coffee shop in downtown Lima, Ohio! See below for some photos and fun facts...

Tim Daly visit to The Meeting Place coffee shop in Lima

Tim Daly of Wings and Madame Secretary fame visited the coffee shop in the fall of 2016 when he was in town encouraging people to get out and vote. He was very gracious to pose for a photo! We really enjoyed chatting with him.

Phil Keoghan visit to The Meeting Place coffee shop in Lima

Phil Koeghan from The Amazing Race stopped by during his Ride Across America - a fundraiser for MS. He even did a live feed interview on The Bonnie Hunt Show from the coffee shop! So you could say Bonnie was a visitor (virtually), too.

The Meeting Place on glee

The Meeting Place's logo (the first edition of our logo) was showcased on the Fox TV show glee in 2011! Did you know that glee was based in Lima, Ohio? The cast did not actually film here, but they used quite a few props from the area.

 Movie filming at The Meeting Place coffee shop in Lima

A scene of A Walk with Grace was filmed here in 2017 - quite a few actors and team members visited the coffee shop. David Lee Smith (CSI: Miami) was a frequent visitor. We were too polite to ask for a photo, though. He was a frequent customer, after all.

Stephen Baldwin visit to The Meeting Place coffee shop in Lima

Stephen Baldwin, who was in town for A Walk with Grace filming, bought the entire cast and crew cappuccinos one day! He also showed off his love for Lima with an I Love Lima sticker on his cup.


Hal Holbrook at The Meeting Place coffee shop in Lima, Ohio

Hal Holbrook, from the movie Lincoln, and many, many other movies and TV roles, was at The Meeting Place during a live tour he did around the country. He was very kind and gracious.

Meeting Place Coffee Mug on National TV

Yes, this is a bit of a stretch... but our coffee and logo mugs had a cameo appearance on national TV during one of John Kasich's town hall meetings during his presidential run. See the black mugs on the table between the two men?

Not pictured:

* Hugh Downs, longtime host of 20/20, came into the coffee house while in town to attend his class reunion. He graduated from Shawnee High School in 1938.

* Tom from The Smothers Brothers

* Cheech from Cheech and Chong

* Gallagher, comedian

* Local, state and federal politicians including Sherrod Brown (Senator, OH), Jim Jordan (House, OH), Bob Cupp (Ohio House), Matt Huffman (Ohio House), our own Lima mayor Dave Berger, and many more!