Pay It Forward

Pay it forward! We want to support those who are being impacted by the pandemic, especially those whose income or food security is being impacted by current events. To do this, you can buy gift cards that are offered for free to those who are most impacted. Today, we have gift cards available for students, health care workers, and musicians (in memory of Doug Adams, who blessed us with music many, many times). Of course that list can grow, and if you purchase a gift card, you can designate who you want it to go to. Anyone who fits in one of those categories can come in and pull a gift card off of the board and use it. To be transparent, buying a gift card also helps our small business, because the revenue we bring in today is what we use to pay our payroll in 2 weeks. We want to be able to keep our staff on the same schedule, even while the number of customers declines. We challenge the customers and supporters of small businesses around the region to put up their own boards and offer gift cards to those in need.

Our goal is $1000 donated through gift cards at our cafe. Who else will accept this $1000 per small business challenge?

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Gift Card - pay it forward