How to Brew Using a Pour-Over


Starts with the right coffee bean:  

The Best Coffee is Made From Grade A Arabica Beans.

  • Choose coffee made from Grade A Arabica beans.
  • Choose coffee that has been recently roasted. This is the most important element – coffee tastes the best within one month after roasting.
  • Smell the coffee beans – a strong smell indicates fresh beans.
  • Invest in a coffee grinder and buy whole beans. Grind your coffee immediately before brewing.  Once the coffee is ground, the flavor dissipates more quickly.  We highly recommend investing in a burr grinder.
  • When buying decaffeinated coffees, look for coffees that have been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. 


  1. Heat 16 oz. of water in kettle.
  2. Measure 0.80 oz. coffee beans (approx. 1 rounded tsp. per 4 oz)
  3. Grind into a pour-over filter (a slightly finer grind is better)
  4. Put filter with coffee into pour over and set atop mug.
  5. Slowly pour hot water from kettle, starting the middle and circling around to soak coffee grounds. Do not stir or disturb grounds.
  6. When mug is full, the pour-over is ready to enjoy.

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Pour-Over Coffee