Hug in a Mug Coffee Lover Gift Basket

Hug in a Mug Coffee Lover Gift Basket

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Need to send some love to that special person in your life? Maybe they are too far away to reach right now. Maybe the pandemic is creating a distance that is making it difficult to wrap them in the warm embrace that they need right now. Let us help you send that hug and love to that loved one. Whether you are trying to say "Get well soon", or "I am sorry for your loss" or "I miss you" or "I see you and hear you and am here for you", this is the perfect gift to get the message across in a delicious way

- One 15 Ounce Ceramic Speckled Campfire Mug

- a 2oz Gourmet Coffee Sampler - enough to brew one 8-10 cup pot of coffee. Choose from an origin coffee or flavored in ground or whole bean

- one of our famous handmade Italian Biscotti, in a featured flavor (varies)

- one handmade from scratch granola bar

- a unique and beautiful wooden flower / rose magnet in either red or pink. 

Everything is attractively packed into a gorgeous box made from 95% recycled content with a ribbon and tag.

--Custom Message--
Let us know if you would like us to include a custom message in the special instructions when you submit your order and we are happy to include your message with the gift!
Remember to indicate who the gift is from. Because we specialize in gifts, we never include pricing with any of our shipments.

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We will ship your gift directly to your recipient. Just enter your recipient's address into the Shipping Address section when you check out.
If you would like to purchase multiple gift baskets to go to different addresses, contact us and we will provide a quote that combines everything into one order.

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★★★★★ Antoinette on Apr 21, 2021: "Shipped very quickly and communication from the seller was great to update me on my order. Quality packaging. Will be going into a gift box so I dont get to taste but Im sure they will taste great. Will be ordering some for myself soon!"
★★★★★ Candice Uy on Apr 13, 2021: "Sent this over to a client and they were happily surprised! Great product and delivery was on time!"
★★★★★ Pasha on Apr 13, 2021: "As always, the gift was delivered promptly and greeted with zest :)" Pasha
★★★★★ Edna on Apr 10, 2021: "I brought this as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loved it. Coffee taste wonderful and fresh. And the treats were delicious. I will definitely be buying from here again."