Support Ukraine Coffee Gift Box - Proceeds benefit refugees of Ukraine and surrounding area

Support Ukraine Coffee Gift Box - Proceeds benefit refugees of Ukraine and surrounding area

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The Meeting Place on Market was built on the principles of coffee, connection, and community. We have watched with the rest of the world as a humanitarian crisis emerges and we can no longer stand by idly. Thanks to your purchase of this special #SupportUkraine gift box, we are able to donate 20% towards the refugees of Ukraine and the surrounding areas through Catholic Relief Services. In times of trouble, there is comfort in a cup of coffee - especially one shared with a friend.

Each box contains 2 of our gourmet coffee samplers; one of our fun and delicious flavors and one of our bold, yet smooth origins. Also included are two of our handmade biscotti in a variety of flavors.

Choose between whole bean or ground coffee. Our coffee samplers are 2 oz. each, the perfect size to brew a pot of coffee (8-10 cups per pot).

Gift wrapped in Ukrainian colors, yellow and blue ribbon.

Catholic Relief Services is a well respected organization within the relief community. And, because we care about financial relief reaching those who need it most, we did our research. For every $100 donated through CRS, $90 goes directly to its charitable programs. CRS has also been given an A+ rating by the non-profit website

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★★★★★ Antoinette on Apr 21, 2021: "Shipped very quickly and communication from the seller was great to update me on my order. Quality packaging. Will be going into a gift box so I dont get to taste but Im sure they will taste great. Will be ordering some for myself soon!"
★★★★★ Candice Uy on Apr 13, 2021: "Sent this over to a client and they were happily surprised! Great product and delivery was on time!"
★★★★★ Pasha on Apr 13, 2021: "As always, the gift was delivered promptly and greeted with zest :)" Pasha
★★★★★ Edna on Apr 10, 2021: "I brought this as a gift for my sister and she absolutely loved it. Coffee taste wonderful and fresh. And the treats were delicious. I will definitely be buying from here again."