3 Month Gourmet Coffee Subscription

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This monthly subscription includes 3 months of shipments of 3 half pounds of gourmet arabica coffee. Each half pound makes approximately 4 pots of coffee, of 8-10 cups each, or 32-40 individual servings, for a total of 96 to 120 servings per shipment. Actual number of servings vary depending on how strong you like to make your coffee.

Choose from:
- Flavored coffees - 3 different flavored coffees will be shipped to your (or your recipient's) house every month
- House coffees - our house Lima Bean Blend (a medium roast, smooth blend of coffee) and our House Espresso will be shipped monthly, and one of our featured flavored coffees
- Origin coffees - 3 different origin coffees from around the world will be shipped monthly

Each shipment includes information about the coffee, including optimal brewing instructions.

Everything is thoughtfully packed into a kraft box made of 95% recycled content. Let us know if you would like us to include a custom message in the special instructions when you submit your order.

Coffees are shipped out during the first week of each month.

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