Our Team


  We're big on nicknames at The Meeting Place so you may          hear us call her any of the following: Frank, Home Depot, Bridgette or Vivienne. While she is our front counter supervisor, you're more likely to know her as the friendly face that greets you every morning! Emily's favorite drink is a Honey Pot - a recipe of her own making. Ask her for the Emily special! Her favorite bakery treat is the cinnamon rolls (which she guilt trips Amanda about no less than 3 times a week) and the Gluten Free Carrot Cake truffles.


  Jennifer (Jenn or the Boss Lady) is the owner of The Meeting          Place on Market! Her very favorite drink is a simple latte with whole milk and a generous sprinkling of cinnamon on top. Jenn's bakery indulgence is our Gluten Free brownies and you can find her squirrelling them away in her bag as she heads to UNOH to shape the minds of the future.


To be the only male on a staff of all females makes Stephen (Stevo, Stevie Boii, or Homefries) a very brave soul! He is our part time barista, but we also refer to him as the Baby Boss of the upstairs. Stephen's favorite drink is an Iced French Vanilla Latte and his must have bakery item is an Apple Pie Square.


Britani is our E-Commerce Manager and the one you'll talk to when purchasing a gift box from our website or Etsy. Her favorite drink is a Peanut Butter Mocha made from Amy's angel hands and her favorite bakery snack is croutons and Crouton Day! Seriously, Amanda always tells her when it's crouton day - there's a crouton dance.


Our Bakery Manager, Amanda! She serves as the guardian of the basement and has named each of our freezers, the walk in and various other items after Star Wars Characters. If you're looking for our resident nerd, you found her.
Amanda's favorite drink is "A brown sugar breve - especially when it's made by Amy's angel hands" and her favorite bakery item is the Back Alley Brownie.